8 Popular Essential Oils & Their Uses

Although all essential oils can benefit the mind and body, each has its own distinct set of uses. It’s important to know the properties of a particular essential oil before you buy it to ensure you receive the health benefits you need.

There are almost a hundred different essential oils, but eight stand out as the most popular — not least because of their versatility and usefulness.


1. Lavender

Almost half of those who suffer from stress or anxiety use an alternative therapy for relief from their symptoms. This includes aromatherapy — particularly with lavender oil. The reason lavender oil is effective is because it awakens your sense of smell and stimulates parts of your limbic system, which controls your emotions. You’ll see enhanced results if you use lavender essential oil for a massage.

Lavender also has a role to play in improving sleep quality. In particular, studies have found that patients with heart disease and women who have recently given birth experience better-quality sleep, but anyone can see positive results to their sleeping habits by smelling lavender oil.


2. Lemon

An amazing quality of lemon essential oil is that it can reduce pain from headaches. You can use the traditional Persian remedy by rubbing oil into your temples (remember to always dilute any essential oil before applying it to your body). Alternatively, try rubbing the oil on your forehead or elsewhere on your skin. Studies have found that any type of application of lemon oil can relieve headache and migraine pain.

Another use of lemon oil is to aid digestion. The reason this works is that lemon oil contains a large amount of antioxidants — more than you would receive from lemon juice, since the oil is highly concentrated. These powerful antioxidants aid the digestion process, eliminate constipation, and reduce inflammation in the gut. You can receive these benefits by applying lemon essential oil mixed with carrier oil to your skin.

Finally, lemon oil can improve your mood. You may have noticed in the past that after you smell a lemon (perhaps after cutting a few to prepare a batch of lemonade), you feel calm and relaxed. Lemon essential oil has exactly the same effect. Some studies have even found that lemon oil is better at boosting mood than other popular essential oils. It can be effective when you need a pick-me-up, but it’s also excellent for relieving some of the symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.


3. Oregano

Another essential oil that’s packed with antioxidants is oregano. A top usage of this oil is for lowering cholesterol. One study on the effects of the essential oil implies that it’s best to take a small dosage of around 0.85 ounces after each meal. This was found to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol due to compounds called phenols. Oregano contains two phenols: carvacrol and thymol.


4. Tea Tree

Due to concerns about overusing antibiotics, many people are searching for an alternative solution. One option is tea tree essential oil, which has antimicrobial properties. Research is still in the early stages, meaning you should still seek medical attention if you have an infection, but supplementing your treatment with tea tree oil may help aid in the recovery process.

Tea tree oil may also be useful for boosting immunity. In fact, it can even treat the symptoms of the autoimmune condition psoriasis. Conventional medicine offers no known cure for this chronic condition, but applying a mixture of tea tree oil and a carrier like coconut oil to irritated skin can help provide relief.


5. Peppermint

Peppermint oil is another excellent choice for headache relief and fighting infections, but its uses don’t end there. Another benefit of this essential oil is that it can increase energy levels. The best time to use the oil is during those times of the day when you feel your energy waning. The natural compounds present in peppermint can reduce a sense of fatigue when you need to mentally exert yourself and prevent sleepiness during the daytime.


6. Bergamot

Like lavender, bergamot is a great choice for reducing stress. However, a top use of this essential oil is to improve the condition of your skin. Since it’s an anti-inflammatory, it’s effective at calming the skin in places where you have acne. Mix the essential oil with a carrier oil and apply it directly to pimples, blackheads, and cysts. You’ll find it helps your skin heal faster and, since bergamot is an analgesic, it will also reduce discomfort caused by acne.

Bergamot oil is ideal for combining with two other popular essential oils: lavender and tea tree. Together, the three are even more effective at reducing inflammation of the skin and reducing acne. Bear in mind, though, that you should only choose bergamot if you don’t have sensitive skin.


7. Lemongrass

Although lemongrass has a similar, citrusy scent to lemon essential oil, it comes from a completely different plant and has its own set of benefits. For instance, products that contain at least 2.5 percent lemongrass oil can be effective antifungals. Another benefit of lemongrass is its capability to regulate blood sugar. This is particularly useful for people with type 2 diabetes.


8. Eucalyptus

If you’re suffering from a respiratory illness, eucalyptus should be your go-to essential oil. It’s long been known that eucalyptus can stop coughing — in fact, it’s present in many popular medications. However, using an essential oil allows you to go back to the source and gain an abundance of the natural ingredient. Rub the oil on your chest or throat and you’ll find your cough eases or goes away entirely.

Eucalyptus can also help if coughing is failing to clear mucus. If this is the case for you, as well as rubbing the essential oil on your skin, try sniffing the essential oil. This will loosen and clear the mucus from your chest.
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About the author, Liat Chiprut

Liat Chiprut is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and licensed pharmacist. As an essential oil expert, Liat spent years researching and training on the root cause of disease and how to prevent illness and heal the body naturally. Her mission is creating new blends and helping all those that want to heal naturally have the information and products to do so.