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Active Ingredients

All our products can be ingested (swallowed) for a systemic effect. It's important to note, you do not want to inhale or apply an essential oil to your skin that can't be taken internally. With your wellbeing in mind, LaCura has created a range of effective essential oil blends to booster your immunity. We only use organic, vegan, and pure ingredients in our products to provide you with the best immune system booster. Individually, each essential oil has specific qualities to support a different function or part of the body. By combining several natural ingredients in one blend, we give you multiple benefits in a single product. For instance, our immune booster contains multiple properties to support the immune system.

LaCura Eucalyptus

Relieves muscle tension. Supports respitory system.

LaCura Lemon

Detoxifying and soothing.

Why LaCura?

Before you buy essential oils, you need to know that not all oils are created equal. Typically, high-quality essential oils go through rigorous testing to ensure the product is safe to use. Not all companies use thorough testing methods, and many essential oil distributors will use synthetic fillers that alter the efficacy of the oils. LaCura uses pure essential oils without contaminants. The oils are certified pure therapeutic grade, using high quality plants. Every product and mixture is evaluated for the right potency and the optimal combination between the oil based on EBR (evidence based research).

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Essential Oils Boost Immunity

Boost Immunity Year-Round
Most people tend to think about their immune system during the winter months. Yet, it’s important to boost your immune system all year round. After all, your body can always benefit from some extra protection. A healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and plenty of exercise, can go a long way — but for an extra boost, essential oils can offer the support you need.

Natural Immune Boosters
Essential oils are natural immune boosters. Made from chemically-active compounds, they have qualities that support your entire immune system. These oils contain a high concentration of just the beneficial parts of the plants, so their therapeutic effect is more pronounced than it would be through regular consumption.

Trusted For Centuries
People have known about the powerful qualities of essential oils for centuries. Apothecaries and other practitioners have always relied on these natural resources as an immune booster and to support various body systems. Having stood the test of time, essential oils continue to be used today because they are so effective in helping the body stay healthy.

Promote Health & Wellbeing
Essential oils promote health and wellbeing in numerous ways. The aroma alone helps you to relax and destress — and simply lifting your mood can have an impact on your immune system. Our essential oils also help you sleep, reduce mild discomfort, and support the respiratory system, all of which are critical for maintaining a strong immune system.