In Light of Today’s Drug Shortages, People are Beginning to Turn to Holistic Remedies

Published on April 19, 2023 at Los Angeles Wire


What are the benefits of essential oils?

According to hundreds of studies, essential oils improve emotional wellbeing, sleep, endocrine health, mental health, respiratory health, gastrointestinal discomfort, digestion, headaches and migraines, among other benefits. Essential oils are packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and medicinal compounds that work synergystically in the body to heal and protect.

Is it safe to use essential oils in a diffuser?

Essential oils are safe– and encouraged– to be used in a diffuser. Inhaling essential oils is an effective aromatherapy, since molecules are small enough to pass through membranes and into the bloodstream where they actively heal. Exposure to the scent of many essential oils has been shown in research to effectively boost mood and relieve symptoms of chronic pains and a variety of illnesses

Are some essential oils safer than others?

It’s always good practice to ensure your essential oils are 100% pure, high-quality, lab tested, food-grade and organic. Many companies will dilute oils with non-pure ingredients that could cause negative health effects. Be sure to read labels carefully with every medicine you use, especially essential oils.

Healtier than others?

Every oil has properties unique to itself that make it beneficial for health. Lavender promotes calmness, oregano and thyme help fight pathogens, pine needle restores important pathways in the gut, and much more.
The right essential oil for you is the one that fulfills your health needs.

About the author, Liat Chiprut

Liat Chiprut is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and licensed pharmacist. As an essential oil expert, Liat spent years researching and training on the root cause of disease and how to prevent illness and heal the body naturally. Her mission is creating new blends and helping all those that want to heal naturally have the information and products to do so.

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