The Best Gifts to Pamper Mom for Mother’s Day

Published on April 20, 2023 at LA weekly


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and you may already be thinking of a unique or “perfect for her” gift that you can give that will put all past Mother’s Days to shame! We’ve collected a list of some of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2023, and there is sure to be something on this list that will thrill every mother, mom-to-be, or that special person in your life that is just like a mother to you.

1. LaCura Essential Oils

Whether your mom is a wellness buff or just likes to have things around that smell incredible, LaCura Essential Oils are a great choice. LaCura is the result of years of research into the effects of the compounds in each and every oil, and how those compounds influence body systems. LaCura sources its ingredients from only certified, pure, organic, therapeutic-grade, high-quality plants without contaminants. Every product and mixture is evaluated for the right potency and the optimal combination based on evidence-based research.

“After 15 years of being a pharmacist, it was essential to bring a collection together of health-focused essential oils, so we can help others in their everyday life in a simple and effective way,” says Liat Chiput, LaCura’s co-founder

LaCura has a range of products to choose from, including Lacura I, an organic of wild orange, lemon, ginger,  star anise and clove that boasts a unique combination of antioxidants known to improve immune health and protect against chronic disease. Lacura II is a blend of peppermint, oregano, tea tree, pine needle and thyme essential oils designed to enhance respiratory health and protect the immune system.

The company has also recently released a Spike Protein Detox, developed to support the immune, respiratory and liver system by strengthening and detoxifying the body. No matter what Mom is looking for this year, LaCura’s range of essential oil products is bound to have something she’ll love!

About the author, Liat Chiprut

Liat Chiprut is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and licensed pharmacist. As an essential oil expert, Liat spent years researching and training on the root cause of disease and how to prevent illness and heal the body naturally. Her mission is creating new blends and helping all those that want to heal naturally have the information and products to do so.

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