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LaCura Practitioners

Lacura is one of the most prominent health-forward companies in the industry, driven to inspire people to take back and rebalance their health naturally. Our essential oil singles and blends are made of organic, single-source ingredients with detailed safety data made available for all customers. Every product and mixture is evaluated for the right potency and optimal combination based on peer-reviewed, evidence-based research. are food-grade certihed with no artihcial fragrances, coloring or emulsihers, no synthetic additives or GMO's.

LaCura follows the latest in clinical information on today's most pressing health issues, from COVID-19 and autoimmune diseases to cognition and neurodegenerative disorderS. Unlike conventional medicine, our blends are designed to work effhciently and effectively, not subscribed to. Our clients' issues become our own. Care is provided on a personalized, individual basis to empower life- altering healing for everyone.

“I have one goal: to help as
many people as possible to heal”

— Liat Chiprut, Licensed Pharmacist and Co-Founder

Former Division One tennis athlete and coach Liat Chiprut always dreamed of a healthier world. She followed her instinct to heal others and became a retail and consultant pharmacist, as well as a pharmacy director. She advised patients about their medication, oversaw its
administration, drug interactions, and verified that medications prescribed were not harmful to their well-being.

Liat quickly realized this was not enough; her clients, like millions of others around the globe, were not healing the root cause of their illnesses. She broadened her horizons to all spectrums of medicine and became a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. In 2017, Liat opened a clinic dedicated to spreading awareness about lifestyle interventions and the root causes of chronic diseases. Shortly afterwards, she co-created her own brand of essential oils—one prioritizing meaningful impact beyond profit.

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