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Q. How do essential Oils work?

Essential Oils provide key components of the immune systems for plants, and play a similar role in the human body.

They protect plants from viral infection, from bacterial infections, keep unwanted insects away, repair plant  injuries and even prevent water loss and other environmental damage. They also help in plant pollination and in delivering oxygen and nutrients into the cells. This is why they’re essential for plants. Plants couldn’t survive without them, and they help the plants grow, adjust to their surroundings and continue to evolve.

In the human body: The essential oils do something very similar -  they transport nutrients to the cells, such as  carbon, hydrogen and oxygen which are common to human beings and essential oils.

Research has shown that essential oils help us fight infection (with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties), balance hormones and emotions and aid in regeneration. Essential oils and their fragrances help the brain by stimulating memory and reviving the mind, body and soul.

Q. What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the natural, highly concentrated essences extracted from specific herbs in their living state for their healing capabilities. Essential oils can be derived from plants, shrubs, flowers, grasses, fruits, bushes, seeds, roots, bark and trees.

Q. Are allergies a concern with essential oils?

It is worth testing the essential oil before applying a large amount because people have allergic reactions to many different substances, including essential oils. 

Blend 1 drop of essential oil with about 10 drops of a base oil such as coconut oil and apply to the inside of your forearm. If your skin turns red, please do not use this essential oil.

Q. How do I know what essential oils are best for me?

Our experts are available to guide you every step of the way, from choosing what oils are best for you, and how to best use them.

Being that everyone is different, the best oils for each individual will depend upon which of the following systems are out of balance:

  • Nervous system
  • Muscular System
  • Digestive System
  • Immune system
  • Endocrine System

LaCura Oils are designed to support all of these areas where the body can fall out of balance.   The key is to find which particular area is the most out of balance in your system and that’s where to start.

Q. How do I use essential oils?

Essential oils can be absorbed into the body in a few ways.

Topical Application Essential oils pass through skin and cell membranes easily, because they are fat soluble.. LaCura Oils are safe for topical application right on your skin and are rapidly absorbed into the body. The oils can also be applied to the bottom of the feet as the thick skin on the soles of our feet are unlikely to produce skin irritations and the numerous nerve endings on the feet can help carry the oils into the bloodstream quickly. For treatment of a specific area such as sore muscles, a burn or wound, or a rash, apply the oils directly on the problem spot. Additionally, the base of the throat is a good place to apply the oils as well as the neck.,

Inhalation  Research has shown that inhalation of essential oils links directly to the brain; particularly in regard to hormonal control and emotional regulation. For aromatic usage, simply hold the bottle under your nose for 3 or 4 breaths. You can also put a drop of oil on a cotton ball that you place in your pillow case before bed.

Internal Consumption

LaCura offers blends and single oils  safe for internal use. Using the oils for internal purposes means that you go beyond putting them on your skin to ingest them for their specific benefits to various organs or cells. There are several ways to take oils internally; you can add them in your food, take them in beverages, or put them in a veggie capsule to swallow.

Using oils internally is a method that is best used only when you have a specific area of concern that can only be met by ingesting the essential oil. Keep in mind that you only need a drop or two at a time to reap the benefits of the oil.

The main reasons why you would use an essential oil internally:

  • To support the immune system and its function
  • To aid in the normal digestive process
  • For supporting the health of the respiratory system
  • Calms or supports the nervous system
  • To obtain antioxidants to protect against free radical damage

Diffuser  The diffuser we have available for purchase is used to fill the air in any room in which it’s placed with tiny, breathable particles of healing essential oils, giving the room a pleasant scent and calmer ambience.

Vapors inhaled are from the 100% pure oils, and can be healing for the lungs, and body.

Essential Oil Basics

Q. What is the benefit of a blend over a single oil?

LaCura Oil blends have been created with the intention of bringing the body into balance so clients can heal.

While we carry a few single oils that we find to be amazing in their healing potential, we have found that in many ways, blends are more powerful than single oils. Our blends are created by synergistically combining several powerful  single essential oils to create something that is greater than the sum of the parts.

The combination yields not only the power of the combined chemical constituents, but also the synergy of how they interact together. This means that the respective powers of the individual oils change to enhance their energy. For example, the anti-inflammatory effects of chamomile are increased when combined with lavender.

Many clients experience seeing the body completely shift after applying or ingesting the  the blends. We are both excited and encouraged by the potential of essential oil blends to dramatically assist in challenging areas of our practices and are committed to ongoing research and product development in that area.

Q. How do essential oils affect the brain?

In the limbic system of the brain, there is a gland called the amygdala.  It was discovered that the amygdala plays a major role in the storing and releasing of emotional trauma. The only way to stimulate this gland is with fragrance or the sense of smell. Therefore, with aromatherapy and essential oils, we are now able to release emotional trauma.

Q. How long does the effect of the oil last?

Essential oils can last between 12 – 24 hours in the body. Certain factors can extend or diminish the therapeutic duration, such as application method, type of skin, area of the body applied, and skin condition. As an example, a hot bath hydrates the skin making it more permeable for the oils. In addition, dry, cracked or damaged skin can also be more permeable, so essential oils should be applied cautiously.

Q. How do essential oils kill different kinds of fungi, bacteria and viruses?

Extensive studies have discussed the antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial properties of many essential oils. Researchers believe that one mechanism by which the oils work is by weakening the cell wall of resistant bacteria, thereby damaging or killing the cells.

Q. How are essential oils an antioxidant?

Antioxidants create an unfriendly environment for free radicals, and essential oils are antioxidants, preventing fungus, and prevent oxidation in the cells.  Essential oils contain oxygen molecules that help to transport nutrients to the starving human cells.  Because a nutritional deficiency is an oxygen deficiency, disease begins when the cells lack the oxygen for proper nutrient assimilation.  By providing the needed oxygen, essential oils also work to stimulate the immune system.

Today it’s very important to get antioxidants into our diet. We are educated continually on how they cleanse the body of free radicals which helps slow the aging process and prevent cancer. Well, essential oils are a great source of antioxidants. For example, clove oil is extremely high in antioxidants. To get an equivalent of the antioxidants in an ounce of clove oil, you would need 450 pounds of carrots, 120 quarts of blueberries, or 48 gallons of beet juice.

LaCura Oils

Q. How is LaCura different from other essential oil companies?

LaCura is a small, New Jersey-based company, started by a licensed pharmacist that wanted to use holistic healing and functional medicine as an addition to conventional medication.

LaCura is focused on the intention that a body can heal itself with the right support.   We realize that essential oils are able to balance the mind, body and emotional state at the first sign of illness, as a preventative measure, to strengthen the immune system and along with conventional medicine for healing.

Our approach to maintaining excellent health centers on balancing the vital organs and systems in the body:

  • Supporting Stress
  • Supporting Digestion
  • Healing the Gut
  • Balancing Blood Sugar
  • Supporting Detoxification
  • Supporting Sleep

We have seen that when these systems, and organs are in balance, the body  functions optimally. Our essential oils are designed to support these foundational systems that keep the body balanced.

As a small company that focuses on both healing and education, we choose to work directly with our clients, as well as healthcare practitioners.  

We are committed to educating our customers on how to best support the underlying systems of optimal health with essential oils, diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices. We constantly do research, and improve our knowledge, share it with you,  and welcome your input and ideas.  

Q. What is the benefit of LaCura oils?

LaCura Essential Oil blends have been created with the intention of bringing the body, brain and emotions into balance so the body can heal, and to strengthen the immune system and body. Blends can be more powerful than single oils.

They’re created when several single essential oils have been combined by our experts doing their in depth research, to create something that is greater than just using one oil. 

The combination oils, or personal blends yields not only the power of the combined chemical constituents and frequencies, but also the synergy of how they interact together.

For example, the anti-inflammatory effects of chamomile are increased when combined with lavender.

The LaCura Oils Body, BOOST, BALANCE and RELIEF lines include uniquely formulated, proprietary blends developed to balance organ systems and support optimal healing. These blends have been designed to work together with dietary changes, as well as any conventional medicine you may need.

Many clients report the experience of seeing their body shift after using the blends. We are encouraged by the potential of essential oil blends to dramatically assist in challenging areas of our lives and are committed to ongoing research and product development.

Q. Do LaCura oils need to be diluted?

Diluting is a personal choice and depends on each individual. We always recommend diluting the oils to start. If an essential oil feels too hot or causes any redness, dilute with a carrier oil, like olive or coconut oil; you can apply it directly on top of the essential oil. The carrier oil will dilute the essential oil and cause slower absorption. This will also diminish or stop the irritation while continuing to provide the therapeutic benefits of the oil. After you have applied enough carrier oil to stop the reaction, you can then use soap and water to wash it all off. Water does not work as well initially for an essential oil reaction as it traps the oil against the skin and can increase irritation.

Q. Are your oils certified organic?

LaCura Essential Oils are Certified Organic, free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers, adulterants, and added synthetic chemicals.

Q. Can your oils be ingested?


Dose, Safety, Storage

Q. How do I dose the essential oils?

A few drops goes a long way, as Essential Oils are highly concentrated and very potent. Just one or two drops can produce significant results because an entire plant, when distilled, might produce only a single drop of essential oil.

Q. How do I store my essential oils?

Keep bottles of essential oils tightly closed and store them in a cool, dry, dark place away from sunlight or heat. LaCura oils are packaged in dark bottles that block out damaging light and radiation. The brown amber glass will only reflect the natural energy state of the oil within the bottles.

Q. Recommended safety procedures?

It’s important to exercise care with your essential oils because they are so potent and volatile. Essential oils can dissolve plastic bottles, and too much light could degrade the oil’s potency, so you need to store them in a cool, dark place and in a dark glass bottle. You also need to pay close attention to the shelf life. Some oils last less than a year, while others are good for a few.

You need to use extra caution if you have children or pets in the house. In proper dosages, essential oils are extremely beneficial, but they can be toxic to small children or pets if they take too much of it. Just keep it out of their reach and you should be fine. Keep in mind: Essential oils are flammable.

Q. What safety guidelines do you suggest with essential oils?

Essential Oils are relatively safe when used appropriately.   We recommend that you:

Keep essential oils out of reach of children. Treat them as you would any product for therapeutic use. Essential oils rich in menthol, such as peppermint, should not be used on the throat and neck area of children under 18 months of age.

Keep essential oils away from the eye area and never put them directly into the ears. Do not handle contact lenses with essential oils on your fingers. Even in minute amounts, many essential oils can damage contacts and will irritate eyes. Epileptics and those with high blood pressure should consult their healthcare professional before using essential oils.

People with allergies should test a small amount of oil on an area of sensitive skin, such as the inside of the upper arm, for 30 minutes before applying the oil on others of the body.

The bottom of the feet is one of the safest, most effective places, to use essential oils.

Dry, cracked or damaged skin can also be more permeable, so essential oils should be applied cautiously.

Keep essential oils away from open flames, sparks or electricity. Some essential oils, including Orange, Fir, Pine and Peppermint are potentially flammable. If an essential oil causes any discomfort or skin irritation, apply another oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil to dilute the essential oils. Do not apply water as this will trap the oil against the skin and can increase irritation.
When adding essential oils to the bath, we advise mixing the oil into bath salts such as Epsom salt. When essential oils are put directly into bathwater they can float, undiluted on top of the water and adhere to the skin. Generally, never use more than 10 drops of essential oil in a bath.

Q. What essential oils should I use during pregnancy?

We encourage you to do your own research and consult with your healthcare practitioner on essential oil usage during pregnancy.


Q. Do you have a minimum order?

No, order as many or as little as you wish!

Q. Do you ship internationally?

We selectively ship internationally, so contact us with your location to inquire about shipping options.

Q. How long does a bottle last?

A 15 ml bottle contains about 250 drops so it depends on how many drops you are using per day.

Essential Oils do not come with an expiration date, but optimum shelf life is approximately two years. After this time they lose some of their potency. Citrus oils (orange, lemon, lime, etc.) tend to degrade most quickly (six month shelf life). However, some essential oils, such as Eucalyptus, Patchouli and Cypress actually become more potent with age.

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